This 1982 Honda Squash runs, drives, and accelerates amazing. The Squash has clearly gone through some sort of overhaul at one point in it's life. Compared to other Squashes we have brought over in the past, this is by far the "quickest" we've had.  The engine actually sports an aftermarket air filter providing a bit of extra "throttle sound" when the throttle is engaged.

  The paint and decals are all original from Honda and 1982. The seat is in amazing condition for the age and is almost unbelievably the original leather. The tires seem to have been recently replaced with Bridgestone Hoop B01's and are free of dry-rot. The odometer shows 2575, however the odometers in the Squash are roll-over enabled. 

  This scooter needs nothing other than gas and is in great shape to hop on and ride!

Sold Out