This 1991 Nissan Skyline GTE started its life as a regular, non-turbo, automatic, comfortable car. Now, it is a car built with purpose. If you are in the market for a car to drive everyday with A/C, heat, and tons of amenities, this is the wrong choice for you. The SR20DET that was swapped in was installed for the obvious and is great at throwing you back into the seat. The quarter panels and fenders have been rolled/pulled to accommodate for the SSR's. The paint on the car is less than perfect with a few blemishes and cracks due to wear and tear. 

  The interior of the car has maintained a somewhat stock appearance, but it does sport a Bride drivers seat, GTR passenger seat, and Keys Racing steering wheel. The dashboard is in fair condition as it does have the infamous "bubble" starting to form on the passenger side. With swapping an SR20 into the R32 comes the loss of a few options. The speedometer no longer works as the SR is electric versus the R32 being cable driven. The tachometer is also not wired, but can be with the support of a Dakota digital box. 

  The exterior of the car sports a Kouki front bumper, aftermarket intercooler, Skyline R32 coupe spoiler, and the 15x7 and 15x8 SSR Formula Mesh wheels. The exhaust currently sits just past the axles, but we can assist with fitting a muffler if preferred. The car was recently painted in a one-off yellow color on the body itself with the door jams, trunk jam, and engine bay left in it's original Nissan BLO paint.

  The body of the car has roughly 30,299 original miles and the engine was dropped in with nearly 60k from it's donor car. The S13 blacktop SR20 is accompanied by an aftermarket manifold, Tomei elbow, aftermarket downpipe, and over-sized radiator. The suspension was left stock for the most part other than a fairly new set of Fortune Auto coilovers to help with height and dampening adjustment.

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