This Nissan Cefiro "Attessa Cruising" is a rather "hard to find" model compared to the typical RWD model. The Attessa model Cefiros were only offered with an automatic gearbox, but can be easily swapped with supporting Nissan Skyline GTS-4 parts. This particular Cefiro was brought into our shop on a trade-in deal. The engine was replaced due to a knock with the original engine in the car, but has since been replaced with a lower mileage engine from our personal inventory.
  The interior of the car is original for the most part. It sports a wood steering wheel and a display of gauges that have been mounted in the dash. The seats and carpet are in good shape with only wear and zero tears. The door panels do have wear, but are still in good shape for the car's age. The Cefiro is pre-wired for an aftermarket subwoofer and comes with a plug and play kit for an aftermarket head unit.
  The engine we swapped into the car starts right up every time and accelerates through all of the gears smoothly. The engine is also mostly original other than the Blitz air filter and HKS AFR. The car also sports a 3" downpipe and full catback exhaust giving the car a nice throaty tone.
The car currently has ~105K miles on it.

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