Employee car for sale (@gx81pellegrino):

This 1991 Toyota Cresta  is far from the ordinary stock GX81 you will see listed stateside for sale. The car originally belonged to "Ryopon" (can be found on instagram) in which the car had a blue and white Falken livery (can be seen on hightopfadeblogspot). When he sold the car to us, it had a roughed in longnose, but you could really see the potential it had underneath it's mustard yellow paint.

  The front long nose was reconstructed once the car was brought from Japan as it started it's life with a longnose from the previous owner. The rear end was completely stock when we received the car and all of the body work was done here in the US. The rear sports a cherry tail on one side and the "A" in the Advan decal lights up as the other tail light including turn signal.  The car was fully sanded to it's bare metal and primered before the livery was added. The longnose is made of fiberglass and the rear end is fully made of metal. All of the body work was done by Andrew Clarke in Richmond, Va.

  The car itself has roughly 95,000 kilometers on it, however the cluster has stopped rolling over it's mileage. The engine sounds amazing with it's 2" to dual 1.5" exhaust setup. The transmission shifts smooth and is accompanied by a lightweight flywheel. The car currently sits on JIC coilovers, but will need replacing (we have a set of Fortune Auto coilovers that can be made, in stock). The wheels are 15x8.5 -21 and 15x8 +0 SSR Formula Mesh which are wrapped in 165/65/15 MOMO tires on the front and 175/65/15 on the rear. The rear sports an authentic Slit Spoiler and the front has a modified Hakosuka lip.

  The interior of the car is mostly stock other than the two Recaro Confetti seats, the Nardi steering wheel, and the Mr.Grip shift knob. The exterior does show it's age in some spots and is missing a few trim pieces which can easily be had from a Cressida or pieced from Japan. The rear parcel shelf is missing, but for good reason as it is used to accommodate kyusha and kaido style decorations.

   Taking one look at the car, it is obvious that it is meant to have fun in and to express yourself with. The car itself is absurdly loud and looks ridiculous while rolling (in a good way). The car is also equipped with a "godfather" horn on a convenient push switch as well as a patlite that is hardwired to an on/off switch next to the steering wheel. We hope the next owner throws a good amount of their flare into the mix!




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