This Daihatsu Mira is one of the most well known Kei cars to come out of Japan. The L200 chassis was the most popular of the Mira's which made Daihatsu render them in many different variants. The sedan is on the more spacious and "daily-able" models that was produced.  The whopping 659cc three cylinder engine, gets amazing gas mileage on it's 5.5 gallon tank (debatably 40mpg~).

     You'll notice the interior of the car is very clean and inviting for it's age. Surprisingly, the drivers seat is very comfortable given the overall size of the car. One of the features on the car that stands out the most, would be the OEM "Mira TV" that is integrated into the radio. There is an AV outlet so you can hook up a portable input source as well. As you can see, there haven't been any modifications to the interior either as it is all original.

     The exterior of the car matches the feeling you get when driving the Mira. It is small and cute, but extremely sporty. The 13x5.5 Watanabe styled wheels are equipped with brand new tires accompanied by brand new coilovers which make for a great ride. 

    With an automatic and 4 speed option available from Daihatsu, this is by far the most desirable model with it's 5 speed manual transmission. The engine fires right up everytime and the transmission is smooth and silky around town. This Mira needs nothing but a new owner and is in get in-and-drive shape!

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